Shah Jahan Shelters

Shah Jahan Mosque Rohingya

Shah Jahan Mosque donated food, water pumps, shelters for Rohingya

In addition to much needed food distributions, thanks to the generous donations of Shah Jahan Mosque,Woking (UK) Al Fatiha Global was able to raise sufficient funds to built Shelters, Toilets and Hand Water Pumps for Rohingya Widows and Orphans who have fled the violence.

In addition to building the shelters, Al Fatiha Global by working with a local NGO’s, was able to able to acquire land in an area where shelters with a tin cover are permitted to be erected. Al Fatiha Global works with local NGO’s to distribute food aid to Rohingya refugees inside Bangladesh.  

There are approx 700,000 unregistered refugees in Bangladesh who do not receive any assistance.  They are the ones who struggle with a hand to mouth existence.  Malnutrition is rife in the unregistered communities and the numbers are double the emergency threshold set by the World Health Organisation.

Funds for the 16 water pumps were donated by

Muhammad-Sajawal, Muhammad Yusuf, Sher Baz (x2), Baqa Muhammad, Ghulam Muhammad, Baba Rehamali, Anwar Jaan, Shazia Nawaz, Fatima Bibi, Haji Muhammad Haider, Muhammad Hussain Quresi, Khurshid Begum, Haji Nizar Ahmed, Naseem Akhtar and one water pump was built in the name of Prophet Muhammad (PBuh) by Shah Jahan Mosque, Woking (UK).