Al Fatiha Global treats each donation as an Amanah; we consider the intended recipient as the owner of that donation and take the responsibility and accountability it brings very seriously. We have taken a number of steps to ensure we accurately record donor intention, so we can correctly distribute those funds.

  • Your much-appreciated donations will be used at the discretion of the trustees, to be applied within Al-Fatiha Global’s charitable objects.
  • All donations received by Al-Fatiha Global (AFG) are collected in one bank account.
  • When donating via the website please indicate the charitable aim(s) you wish your donation to be applied to, we treat these donations as restricted funds.
  • We can also collect and correctly apply donations by Islamic categories, like Fidya, Kaffarah, Zakat, Aqeeqah, these are restricted by Shariah Criteria, in which the trustees will select the country based on overall considerations.
  • Islamic Categories have additional restrictions, and it is preferable these are paid via the website, to ensure we can accurately record and distribute them. Please avoid giving funds like zakat to general appeals.
  • We allocate 100% of Zakat funds to individuals and take steps to ensure Zakat does not end up as communal property. (For example, it is possible that a food pack, could be given to a school/hospital for their patients & staff, who are not Zakat eligible). Zakat is an Amanah and we ask you to take steps to ensure we correctly record Zakat.

Donations And Circumstances Beyond Our Control

  • If we collect insufficient funds to complete the charitable works for which you have donated. The Trustees will use their discretion to move additional funds from General Funds to complete the project.
  • If this is not possible the Trustees will seek to satisfy their legal (UK Law) and moral (Shariah) commitment to you to ensure these funds are used for the purpose collected, this can include working in partnership with another charity or donating those funds to another charity, which undertakes to complete the charitable aim for which funds were collected.
  • In the unlikely event, that the charitable need, for which we have collected for no longer exists, (for example the water project at a given location has been completed), then the trustees will use their discretion to ascertain the intention of the donors and any surplus funds would be allocated towards another appropriate project, (funds collected with Shariah Criteria, are the easiest to discern donors intent).
  • Any donations collected that are surplus to the needs of an appeal will be allocated to the General Fund for Humanitarian Relief, please let us know immediately if this creates any problem for you.

Gift Aid

  • Where we are able to collect Gift Aid from UK taxpayers, this is prioritised towards administration costs. Any Gift Aid collected which is surplus to our administration costs goes into our General Fund for Humanitarian Relief.

General Fund For Humanitarian Relief

  • As indicated above, If we collect insufficient funds to complete the charitable works for which you have donated. The Trustees will use their discretion to move additional funds from General Funds to complete the project.
  • Your donations will assist in furthering projects in numerous geographical locations (which may include Syria, Palestine and Kashmir) and may assist with activities such as food distribution, the provision of education, the provision of water, the provision of tents and medical aid.
  • General Fund can be used to pay for any activity, before the funds have been raised, for example, in the event of a disaster; general fund could be used to pay for food, tents, transport, even before the fundraising campaign has started.

Donations Made Via Website, BT MyDonate And Directly Into Bank Account

  • Donations raised via the website are allocated to the item listed on the website. Extensive effort has been made to enable us to correctly record and allocate funds according to donor intent. We have access to reporting tools that enable us to monitor accurately via our website donor intent to facilitate subsequent distribution of funds.
  • Members of the public can create fundraising pages via our website for any cause that is compatible with our charitable aims – please contact us for details.
  • BT MyDonate pages can only be used to accept donations towards Syria, please do not create BT MyDonate pages for any other cause. – If you have created a BT MyDonate page for any other cause, please contact us, so we can correct this oversight and ensure BT My Donate funds are correctly allocated towards donor intent.
  • The Trustees may at their discretion allocate any excess funds raised for Syria via BT MyDonate towards another appeal within Syria, or the following years’ appeal, this is especially true for annual projects, like Syria Winter Campaign.
  • Any donation made directly into the Bank Account will be treated as unrestricted funds, where it is possible to ascertain donor intent, the Trustees will endeavour to allocate funds to the appropriate category.
  • It is possible for donors to donate towards an appeal, even after the goods have been purchased and delivered, A fundraising appeal can remain active whilst there is a shortfall. In practical terms, this means donors can benefit from the reward/satisfaction by paying for an item today, that has benefited someone for over a month. (It’s like sending a donation back in time).