Join a small international Aid and Development charity committed to alleviating suffering, fighting poverty and environmental destruction.

We are looking to recruit two new Trustees to strengthen and diversify our Board. As a small charity, we are looking for ‘hands-on’ Trustees who wish to actively contribute towards the success and future strategic development of Al-Fatiha Global.

General duties of a trustee

A full description of the essential duties of a trustee as outlined by the Charity Commission can be found on the Charity Commission’s website.

  • To ensure Al-Fatiha Global complies with its governing documents and other relevant legislation and regulations.
  • To ensure Al-Fatiha Global meets the reporting criteria of the Charity Commission.
  • To ensure Al-Fatiha Global pursues its objectives as outlined in the Constitution.
  • To ensure Al-Fatiha Global works solely and exclusively in the pursuance of its objects.
  • To act at all times in the interest of the people Al-Fatiha Global serves
  • To work in the interests of Al-Fatiha Global and not for personal gain
  • To report any serious incidents regarding the charity in-line with the charity commission guidelines.
  • To participate actively in the work of the Board whose role is to give clear strategic direction of the Charity, approve budgets, identify goals, set targets, and evaluate performance against agreed targets.
  • Define, review and update overall organisational policy and protocols
  • To safeguard the good name of Al-Fatiha Global
  • To ensure effective and efficient administration of Al-Fatiha Global, including robust financial management
  • To ensure that all staff and volunteers are appropriately appointed, trained, supported and supervised.
  • To ensure that the Board takes proper professional advice on matters in which it does not have competence.
  • To represent and report back to the Board when serving on other bodies.

In addition to the duties defined above, Board Members should use any specific skills, knowledge or expertise to assist the Board in achieving sound decisions.

Specific commitments

  • To maintain good communication with other trustees.
  • To respond to emails, texts or other messages related to AL-Fatiha Global within five working days.
  • To attend the Annual General Meeting every year.
  • To attend board meetings in person every three months and to provide apologies promptly if attendance is not possible or arrange to attend via video conferencing.
  • To read preparatory materials before board meetings.
  • To arrive punctually at meetings or if delayed communicate as soon as possible with the person organising the meeting.
  • To actively participate and contribute to board meetings and decision making.
  • To meet deadlines or communicate as soon as possible with the rest of the board if a deadline will not be met so that alternative arrangements can be made.
  • To always act with honesty and integrity and treat colleagues with respect.
  • To meet an average time commitment of roughly 2 hours/week (mostly via email, or social media).

We are specifically looking for the following

  • Individuals with experience working for or establishing an international NGO
  • Individuals with experience of developing strategy and management processes for charities or other similar organisations
  • Individuals with experience of developing human resource strategies and protocols within new organisations
  • Individuals from a legal background who have experience of ensuring good management
  • Individuals with experience of monitoring and evaluation in the context of development
  • Individuals with experience of fundraising, campaigns or advocacy in the context of development, or international development
  • Individuals with experience of developing social enterprise in the UK or Abroad.

How to apply

First familiarise yourself with the requirements of a trustee, by reading the relevant section on the charity commission website.  [click here]

If you think you have the time, experience and skills to help Al-Fatiha Global, please apply by email to with the following documents: