With the destruction of their homes, the lack of fuel and electricity for heat, every year Syrians face death from the cold. Al Fatiha Global makes it’s annual blanket appeal, so Syrians don’t freeze to death.  Winter in Syria is bitter, making living in tents extremely difficult for internally displaced people.  The high altitude many families have been forced to pitch their tents, means winter begins very early for these families.

Aleppo families are also moving into camps in Idlib and Latakia, they have nothing, no belongings apart from the clothes on their back and the few valuables they could carry with them. The cost for the blanket includes purchase, transporting these and distributing to the families in Syria. These families seldom have more than a few personal belongings with them as they travel seeking shelter, so any aid received are welcomed blessings.

Hope for Humanity, responds to Blanket Appeal

Hope for Humanity donated over 650 blankets to the neediest Syrian families and hospitals in Idlib and Aleppo countryside. These gifts of warmth were very much appreciated and needed by the people. Heartfelt thanks for your ongoing support and generous help.

YouTube Video

Container Distribution

Your contributions towards Al Fatiha Global container appeal, was distributed in November 2016 inside Syria, As winter was approaching blankets were distributed alongside food packs.  

We would like to thank you for your support, for helping those who needed the help the most.YouTube Video

Refugee camp distribution, Bab Al Hawa- Syria

Al Fatiha Global has been sponsoring the refugee camp in Bab Al Hawa, Syria, distributing much needed aid. Aid given is based on family size, each family is provided monthly food packs, blankets, medicine and schooling supplies.

We would like to relay the prayers and thanks of the refugees to all those who donated and helped us get the aid to them.YouTube Video