Kashmir Ambulance

Chakswari Ambulance

Mercy Universal is raising funds for an Ambulance in Chakswari

Chakswari a small town of 50,000 people in the district of Mirpur, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan is in desperate need of an ambulance.  The recent expansion of Mangal Dam has displaced many families, who have moved from the surrounding villages into Chakswari.

Many of the families in the region consist of farmers or poor workers, who cannot afford private health-care and the small local hospital in Chakswari, lacks the funding to meet the needs of the sick and needy. 

Chakswari Ambulance Committee, set-up by Khawaja Mohammed Suleman from Birmingham, has committed to running this ambulance service free of charge for the local poor people. Since 2017 Mercy Universal has raised over £8,000 towards this ambulance.

Charity Dinner

Please support the can support the Chakswari Ambulance Appeal at the following event organised by Mercy Universal & British Kashmiri Women Council. 

Location Amir-e-Millat Community Centre
20-21 Shakespear Street
B11 4RU
Time6 pm, Saturday 11 August 2018
Special Guests Lord Mayor of Birmingham,
Cllr Yvonne Mosquito Ameer Jammat Islami AJK,
Dr Khalad Mahmood Khan

Chairman Mercy Universal,
Nazir Qureshi

For additional information regarding this appeal or other charitable work done by Mercy Universal please contact Mercy Universal representative. 

Please contact local representatives directly to obtain Tickets for this event.

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