Container Fundraiser

£250 covers the purchase and distribution of a pallet of food. £10k covers a container

Syria Container (Medical / Humanitarian)

FOOD – Pallets £150 

Typically (Rice Seeds of Change (Assorted Organic), Pasta (Egg Noodles), Assorted jars of pulses, veg, and pickles, Breakfast cereal, Assorted Baby Food (Organic), Sponge Puddings & Custard, Assorted Biscuits, Assorted dry (cous cous soup rice pasta flour etc), John West Tuna Ready Meals, Assorted cooking Oil

SUPPLIES – Pallets £150

Nappies, Mouthwash and Washing Up Liquid, Cleaning Products (sprays / triggers / bottles), Personal Hygiene (shampoo / handwash / shower gel etc), Kitchen Roll / toilet roll, Milton Sterilising Fluid, Travel wash for clothes, Wisdom Toothpaste.

Distribution Costs

£100 covers the cost of distributing a pallet of food.  The contents of a container are based on the needs of Syrians, as identified by our partners inside Syria.  We get feedback on each container and we use this feedback to adjust the mix of aid in the next container. Distribution costs cover the cost of hiring all the necessary transport, the cost of loading a shipping container, including forklift trucks, shipping costs, port fees, costs for clearing customs, onward overland transportation across Turkey, distribution costs inside Syria, which includes hiring vehicles inside Syria to get the food to remote villages. Thanks to dedicated teams of volunteers, both in the UK, Turkey and Syria, many of the costs of sorting and loading aid are avoided. 

Careful examination of the videos shows, the vehicle used to get smaller and smaller as we distribute deeper into Syria. Until the aid is distributed in the boots of a car and on the backs of motorbikes.  The term distribution cost doesn’t make it obvious that a large part of these is incurred inside Syria.  Since the distribution into smaller settlements inside Syria, is undertaken by Syrians the beneficiaries of these distribution costs are Syrians.

We take reasonable steps to keep distribution costs, as low as possible, this includes utilising, where available the services of volunteers, at our refugee camp in Latakia, Syria.  These volunteers help sort the aid for onwards distribution inside Syria.  During peak seasons like Ramadan, we avoid settlements closer to the Turkish border, because they receive a glut of aid from International charities, who hop over the border, dump the aid, take pictures and hop back out.


Al Fatiha Global, can accept donations of food and other items to send to Syria, if you are wholesalers and you wish to make a donation to a registered charity please contact us on our office number 0121 667 1312.

We discourage members of the public from buying food items from a local retailer to send to Syria, as we can enable the same funds to help much more people. Members of the Public who donate the cost of a pallet are welcome to either help on the day or observe, the loading of our container


We are also now collecting clothing, ONLY new and in good condition, can be dropped off at our Birmingham Warehouse (by appointment only) – please contact: 0121 667 1312.

Regional Drop off points in the UK

Aid can be dropped off, by contacting a regional Drop off point.

Leicester: 07808 729179
Newcastle: 07984 181736