Delivering Humanitarian Aid Inside Gaza


Al-Fatiha Global is in the enviable position of being able to deliver Humanitarian Aid inside Gaza, by working in partnership with a locally registered Palestinian charities and NGO’s, which are run by those residing inside Gaza.  Al Fatiha Global established it’s own local contacts in 2012 when volunteers from the charity delivered aid to Gaza as part of the convoy responding to the international appeals made for Gaza.


If you are unsure of where the need is greatest in Gaza, please donate to our Gaza Appeal, the trustees can then discuss with our partners in Gaza and assess allocate whichever Gaza project is most in need.

Gaza Food Packs

Since 2012, Al-Fatiha Global collected donations for Food and other Humanitarian Aid, for distribution inside Gaza, these have been expanded over the years to include Food packs, (including Ramadan Food Packs).  For Eid ul Adha, of our donors are able to offer their Qurbani inside for the needy people of Gaza.


You can donate towards a 30KG+ food pack to be delivered to the needy in the Gaza. Food pack, consists of Rice / Wheat, Mixed Vegetables (Potatoes, Onions, etc), Cooking Oil, Milk powder, Tea, Sugar.

Water Tanks for Gaza

Provide a Palestinian family, 250 Litres of drinking water, every week for a year.  The cost includes the delivery and installation of a 250 litre water tank.  It also includes weekly refilling of the water tank, for 52 weeks.


World Health Organisation recommends that absolute minimum is 52.5 Litre per person per week (a 250 Litre water tank, is only able to meet the absolute minimum needs of 5 people, which is less than the size of the average Palestinian family.

Situation In Palestine

Palestine has been the subject of much discussion on humanitarianism and man made crises formed as a result of conflict. Four generations of Palestinians have lived as refugees- many displaced in their own lands. In Gaza in particular, a 7 year economic blockade has left most people unable to leave, restricted essential services in the healthcare and education sectors- which are further debilitated every time a conflict is imposed on them by the occupying Israeli forces.


The closure of tunnels by the Egyptian government have meant that any lifeline to essential lifesaving supplies have left the civilian population cut off in an ‘open air prison’ as British Prime minister David Cameron once described Gaza as. In the aftermath of the last aggression, the targeting of civilian infrastructure included the only power station which has resulted in fuel shortages and daily power cuts of 12-16 hours a day leaving hospitals, schools and businesses struggling to continue. Damaged water sanitation systems have resulted in raw sewage in the streets and much of Gaza’s existing water supply has been deemed unfit for human consumption. More than 80% of the 1.8 million people in Gaza are in desperate need of humanitarian aid. They face an uphill struggle just to survive, with children being forced to drink contaminated water, severe food and medicine shortages with families unable to cover the cost of their most basic needs.


With the refugees situation reaching crisis point, AFG have stepped up to the challenges faced and helped provide emergency food packs by supporting local volunteers, and businesses to help alleviate their difficulties. During Ramadan 2014, despite heavy aerial bombardment by the Israeli forces, the Gazan ground teams in partnership with AFG managed to successfully deliver much needed aid to refugees displaced by the fresh wave of violence in the city. In providing these life-saving packs for the families on the ground, AFG endeavoured to maintain the dignity of those suffering.


Our aims for the children of Gaza- especially orphaned children is to help locally run orphanages that support boys and girls who have lost their families to conflict because we believe that EVERY CHILD should be given the opportunity to grow up in a world full of hope, happiness and ambition, rather than violence, poverty and destruction. Our Orphan sponsorship scheme is in the process of being set up to provide YOU an opportunity to give that hope to a Palestinian orphan.

He who takes care of an orphan, whether he is his relative or a stranger, will be in Jannah with me like these two”. The narrator, Malik bin Anas raised his forefinger and middle finger for illustration. 

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ