eAid Card

e-Aid Card

Send money directly to Syrians and restore ther dignity, using Al Fatiha Global E-Aid Card System. Itemised invoices for donors coming soon

We are Very Pleased to Announce the NEW Al Fatiha Global E-Aid Card System pioneered by the dedicated team at OLIVERA.
The Al Fatiha Global Card System is the first of its kind and we are proud to stand behind the design of such an excellent system.

For months, we have been testing the card system in Turkey and Syria with a community of Syrian families. These families were provided a card (much like a Debit Card), with their pin number and online login, informed them of the stores in which they could purchase goods from, their spending limit and list of products they could choose from.
The families piloting this system visited the store at their convenience and purchased food, hygiene and baby products of their preference. Standard food items were made available, such as: rice, beans, tuna and oil, but we also included fresh items, such as: eggs, cheese, bread and olives.

Feedback on this system has been VERY POSITIVE, Alhamdu’lillah. Our families are truly grateful for the system and we are looking to reach more families in more cities in the coming months, Insha’Allah.

This system was developed by Syrian brothers, who after years of experience with various charities, identified the challenges of delivering aid into their homeland and saw first-hand their people being degraded to fighting for aid handouts. In order to maintain the dignity of the beneficiaries they decided to develop this, revolutionary system that returns dignity to the people and literally transfers your donated funds into the pockets of needy families. These families have the freedom to shop at local participating stores and purchase the items they need for their home.

This system removes the overhead costs of transportation, storage, processing fees and salaries, enables Syrians to benefit from seasonal variation in prices, or even choose alternative products based on personal tastes, gives donors the ability to select which items the households can be purchased, enables Al Fatiha Global to vary the amount of aid given to each household based on its size, age and gender.

For example, you can give families the option to choose food items, hygiene products, clothing, etc., but prohibit them from spending the donated funds on items such as cigarettes and alcohol. Every item purchased is tracked by barcode, each transaction is recorded and the system provides daily monitoring of purchased items, enabling us to adjust the aid, when a mother is expecting, or a child is born.
The system enables us to identify suspicious transactions, or alert us if no transactions are happening in the event of beneficiary moving.