Earthquake Kashmir

Earthquake Kashmir

Emergency Earthquake Appeal for Azad Kashmir

A devastating 5.8 magnitude earthquake has struck Northern Pakistan, devasting parts of Southern Azad Kashmir.

killing at and injuring hundreds of people. The injured and wounded urgently need your help, your generosity could help save lives.  The main road that goes along the canal was badly damaged and a bridge was destroyed.

I have recently returned from Azad Kashmir, to ensure that a container of medical aid, was distributed in Azad Kashmir, Aid included orthopaedic equipment, crutches, wheelchairs and larger Hospital equipment items that included hospital beds, mattresses, tables and lights etc.

The majority of Al Fatiha Global trustees and volunteers have family links to Azad Kashmir and are able to assist in helping assess and distribute aid very quickly, in areas that are inaccessible by road. By utilising motorbikes or smaller animals of burden.

We aim to raise funds to support the people that have been affected by this disaster by providing medical assistance, blankets, aids and food packs.

Please donate now to help the affected.