Eastern Ghouta

Eastern Ghouta

Al-Fatiha Global is now able to get aid into Eastern Ghouta, by working in partnership with Syria Relief. Previous restrictions on fundraising pages, are now removed.

PLEASE NOTE:  Any Fundraising Page created for Eastern Ghouta will be rejected by Al-Fatiha Global.

At present, Al-Fatiha Global is not able to get any Aid inside Eastern Ghouta.

Al-Fatiha Global delivers Aid within four northwestern regions of Syria, (Aleppo Governorate, Idlib Governorate, Hama Governorate and Latakia Governorate).  We only deliver Aid in areas outside the control of Government forces (or their allies) consequently, we do not deliver aid across the whole of these provinces.

These areas are adjacent to the Turkish provinces of Hatay, Kilis and Gaziantep and our Syrian Volunteers use official Turkish Government-issued permits to cross the border into Syria. 

Al Fatiha Global does not deliver Aid within active conflict zones, like inside the Euphrates Shield Zone, or places like Eastern Ghouta and Other Regions inside Syria, that are completely surrounded and besieged by Government forces. 

Where a corridor exists for aid/refugees to move inside a besieged zone, we make arrangements with organisations active in those places to come out of these active zones and collect the aid from us.  This was done for Aleppo, for a number of years.

In other areas, we are able to work with other charities to ensure aid reaches the intended target.

At present, the situation in eastern Ghouta is such that we are not able to get aid inside, often volunteers are moved by the plight of these besieged areas and create fundraising pages to help raise funds for them, not realising that the task is beyond the ability of the charity.

At Al-Fatiha Global we take the view that it is disingenuous for charities, to permit such fundraising pages to be created.. Consequently, we will not permit anyone to create a fundraising page collecting for donations for Eastern Ghouta.

The civilians of Eastern Ghouta are not the only area of Syria that are facing annihilation, they are simply the ones whose plight is being raised on the media.  If you wish to help, please donate to via our Syria Appeal.

If you have made a donation on the expectation that funds would be restricted for Eastern Ghouta, please contact us for a refund.  (please reply-to address in the donation confirmation email to request a refund – we will need the donation ID to process the refund).

Should in the future the situation change, we will remove the fundraising restriction.

We are now able to deliver aid by working in partnership with Syria Relief, any donations collected by Al Fatiha Global, for those from Eastern Ghouta, with be forwarded to Syria Relief.