Kashmir Emergency Appeal

Al-Fatiha Global is in the enviable position of being able to deliver Humanitarian Aid inside Srinagar in Jammu & Kashmir, by working in partnership with a locally registered charity in Indian Administered Kashmir, which is run by those residing inside Srinagar, in the vale of Kashmir.

The recent upsurge in violence, since July 2016 has seen a huge loss of life once again, thousands have been injured, and Kashmiri’s are severely in need of medical aid.

You can donate towards a Food Pack, or a Hand Pump. If you are unsure of where the need is greatest in Kashmir, please donate to our Kashmir Emergency Appeal using the link at the top of the page, the trustees can contact our local partners to identify where the need is the greatest.

Operating In Kashmir For 20 Years

Al Fatiha Global was originally set up in 1996 to benefit the needy in Pakistani Administered Kashmir. Some of our dedicated team of volunteers and trustees are from the region so know the area well and have a vested interest in benefitting the community and its inhabitants. An emergency response team was mobilised straight after the floods in September to assess and identify the need on the ground. In conjunction with local aid agencies permanently based in Kashmir, Al Fatiha Global were able to deliver an emergency response which included medical and vital food aid, mobile clinics, and teams to help with the disinfection clear up process once the flood waters had receded. The sharp increase in refugees as a result of flood waters destroying so many family homes has meant that AFG will be working in the region for some time to come and will need YOUR generous donations along with our team on the ground to help the most vulnerable long term.

A series of natural disasters such as the 2005 Kashmir earthquake and the September floods of 2014 have hugely exacerbated the humanitarian crisis. The unstable and sensitive nature of the region along with the geographical challenges of delivering aid has resulted in several dedicated aid agencies developing their services to alleviate some of that suffering.

Kashmir has seen almost six decades of violence result in a humanitarian crisis often ignored by the international community. Several wars and continuous low level conflicts over Kashmir between India and Pakistan have impacted tens of thousands of innocent civilians over that time- many live in temporary homes having been displaced several times due to the violence. An estimated 22,000 widows and 100,000 orphans have been reported as a result of violence in Jammu & Kashmir over the last several decades and the death of a breadwinner in many of these communities results in great hardship for those left behind.