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Early Morning Food Pack Distribution for Rohingya Refugees

There are 2 UN-registered camps in Bangladesh.

Since 1990, hundred and thousands have fled the persecution and violence in Rakhine State, in Burma into Bangladesh.  Two years later in 1992, the Bangladesh government stopped registering the refugees. Only 32,000 refugees in the 2 registered camps receive aid from the UN and its partners. which consists of food, shelter and limited medical assistance.  

There are approx 700,000 unregistered refugees in Bangladesh who do not receive any assistance.  They are the ones who struggle on a hand to mouth existence.  Malnutrition is rife in the unregistered communities and the numbers are double the emergency threshold set by the World Health Organisation.

Food packs distributed

Praise be to God, we managed to do another distribution today of 150 food packs.  Our early morning (Fajr) distribution had to be aborted as it rained hard and it was impossible for everyone to be outside. After sourcing the food the biggest challenge was arranging for transportation to where the Rohingya were staying.

Thankfully this afternoon we managed to complete the distribution. Clothes soaked with sweat then dried then soaked again and dried then it rained and then sweat.  We went over a bamboo bridge in a tuk-tuk and we went through a flooded road.

The water came up to our ankles as the driver sped through the flood water which I swear came from a fish farm adjacent to the road.  All in a day of 3 food distributions, 3 mosques visits and 2 school and orphanages.

After the heavy rains all last night, everything is wet and muddy and unfortunately, because of the lack of sanitation around the area, the rancid smell of over raw sewage is overpowering.  It’s been raining hard on and off and the winds are very strong. Electricity has been going on and off and the windows are shaking.  It will surely be a rough night for the people out there living in makeshift huts.

Thank you to everyone who reached out to donate