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Rohingya Shelter

Shelters built for Rohingya Refugees

Shelters Completed for Rohingya

Al Fatiha Global with the Aid of Walsall and Black Country Rohingya Support Group raised funds to built shelters, Toilets and Hand Water Pumps for Rohingya Widows and Orphans who have fled the violence.

On this occasion, we were fortunate to be able to acquire land in an area where shelters with a tin cover are permitted to be erected.  In addition to building the shelters, Al Fatiha Global is working with local NGO’s to distribute food aid to Rohingya refugees inside Bangladesh.  It is estimated there are over half a million Rohingya refugees in have fled to Bangladesh recently. They are joined by the hundred of thousands Rohingya refugees and their children that have been forced to flee since the 1970’s.

There are approx 700,000 unregistered refugees in Bangladesh who do not receive any assistance.  They are the ones who struggle on a hand to mouth existence.  Malnutrition is rife in the unregistered communities and the numbers are double the emergency threshold set by the World Health Organisation.