Spotlight Brothers

Spotlight: Brothers have each other’s back

Heartbreaking story of 2 brothers and their survival together inside Syria

Two Brothers have each other’s back

10-year-old Ali introduces his 8-year-old younger brother Hassan, they survive inside Syria, by selling plastic.  

Hassan, explains how on a good day the two brothers can earn up to one Syrian Pound.  To put this in context, 9 months of good days, will enable them to earn the equivalent of a 1 British Pound.  UN describes poverty as living on less than $2 a day.  These two brothers work all year to earn the equivalent of a single British £1.

Hassan and Ali, typical of the dignity displaced by Syrians still living in a war zone explain why they refuse to beg for money.  Ali explains what they buy with the money, he talks about his dreams, what he wants to do when he grows up and like all children the one toy he misses the most.

Update on Ali and Hassan

Thanks to your support, we are happy to share that you guys granted Ali and Hassan’s wish.  In addition to providing both of them with bikes, clothes, footwear from your donations. 

We are finalising arrangements to put in place a sponsorship arrangement for Hassan and Ali, once these are in place, we will put out an appeal.

Part of the Spotlight Syria Series

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Transcript of Video

8 Year old Hassan Tells his story

Me and Ali we look through the rubbish to find plastic.

We find the ones that people throw away

And then we sell it

Some day we make 20p, 50p, 60, 70p £1 
(275 Syrian pounds is 1 UK Pound)

But when we work we don’t eat or drink anything

We can’t buy anything we don’t have any money

We buy food for our family with the money we earn

We cook pasts so we need to buy pasta

We buy biscuits

We don’t beg from people we don’t want to beg

We would rather earn a living picking plastic

When I grow up I want to be a doctor

I want to help people when I am older

My wish is to have a bicycle

I love my brother Ali, he looks after me.