Spotlight Ever Lasting Love

Spotlight: Everlasting Love

How this Syrian Couples life has changed over their 65 Years of Marriage.

Spotlight is a Syrian initiative that facilitates coordination between Humanitarian Organisations and Independent Syrian filmmakers, to submit videos stories of people inside Syria.

How this Syrian Couples life has changed over their 65 Years of Marriage.

What was meant to be a quick trip to a refugee camp, has turned into a long four years for this Syrian Couple?

Through all their pain and suffering at least they still have each other.

Part Of The Spotlight Syria Series

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Transcript Of Video

65 Years of Marriage/Everlasting love

I love you so much. From here all the way to that village.


Only to that Village?

No, the furthest Village?

(Kisses Wife)

Okay, I am finished.

I kissed her. Let’s celebrate.

I can’t remember how long ago we got married, but God had written it in our destiny and here we are.

My father and her father were like brothers.

They loved each other like brothers.

My father told me, I’m getting you married.

She was 11 years old when we got married.

And now she is 75 years old.

We have been happily married ever since.

We live happily together.

I was a young girl who didn’t understand what marriage was.

I got married.

He didn’t know me nor did I know him.

How better can I put it?

I love her so much; I don’t have enough words to explain how much.

She is the mother of my children. We have never argued.

We have never had a single fight or anything like that.

We have lived lovingly.

In my eyes our children are the best.

Better than anyone in the world.

Even now.

I love them more than myself.

My husband worked so hard to look after us.

We supported our family together.

There was never a need to be mad at each other.

Why did we come here to the camps?

Because of the planes.

This is the first time we have ever been like this.

We haven’t been back to our city and home in 4 years.

I wish we died before this happened to us.

The planes and rockets fall on us from above, as though it was the End of the World.

Our hearts have become empty from the sadness, oppression and poverty.

There was a time we had eight children to help us if we were sick.

Now we have no one.

The best thing is to leave it with God.

What can I say?

Don’t worry we will rest when we die.

Death is in the hands of God.

No-one knows.

No-one know if we will return home or die here.

Day and Night, I think about my grave.

I don’t think we will see our home again.

Yes. I’m always thinking about deaths.

What can I tell you?

I wish that everyone can one day return to their homes, and have a normal life again.

I hope my children can also come home.

Do you think I will see my children again?

How can I see them?

My Lord

None of this is in our hands.

The most we have is hearing their voices on the phone.

This is all that we have left.

We don’t have anyone but God.

Only God is with us.

I really do worry for my wife.

If she leaves the home, I constantly worry about her.

In the refugees camps we need help with everything.

By God, we don’t have enough water to drink.

By God, we don’t even have enough bread.

We have nothing.

The people are thirsty and hungry.

The don’t have enough to get by.

Yesterday there was a man, a man who was trying to sell his son.

Have you ever heard such a thing?

He wanted to sell this son for $100 (£70).

They asked him why are you selling your son? He said to buy bread for our family.

He was selling him so he could buy some bread.

There are people who sell their body parts so they can afford to buy bread for their families.

Oh the pain that we feel.

The honour of Muslims has gone.

It’s dead. Nobody cares anymore.

We have no one but God.