Spotlight Pilot

Spotlight: What would you say to the pilot?

Mother plea to Syrian airforce pilot

Spotlight is a Syrian initiative that facilitates coordination between Humanitarian Organisations and Independent Syrian filmmakers, to submit videos stories of people inside Syria.

What Would You Say To The Pilot That Killed Your Entire Family?

A Syrian mother agonizing story of how she lost everything in a matter of seconds. One airstrike wiped out her family forever.

After losing her purpose to life, she pleas to the pilot on how he could live knowing the damage he had done.

Now she is left alone raising her granddaughter, who is oblivious to the fact that her mother and father died years ago thinking her grandma is her mother.

Part Of The Spotlight Syria Series

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Transcript Of Video

This is my husband.
This is my Gheias.
And this is my son Khalid.
My son Khalid wanted to see the plane.
I held onto his jumper because I didn’t want him to go.
My other son also wanted to look but I begged him to stay with me.
My daughter told me not to be afraid.
The plane will hit far away. We didn’t hear anything until the bomb hit us.  Everything around us went dark.
I regained consciousness.
I tried to stand up but I fell down again.
I was covered in dust and started to say my prayers for my children.
I started to call out to them. 
I tried to stand up but I fell down again.
I was covered in dust and started to say my prayers for my children.
I started to call out to them. 
The first person I saw was my son Khalid.
I slowly walked forward. I saw both of my sons, one had parts of his head missing. 
I screamed.
My daughter had died covering child.
She had a hole in her neck.
I found my husband laying there dead with injuries to his head and leg.
I asked him to wake up but he wasn’t responding.
So I started to look for my other daughter.
I saw trails of blood on the floor and started to run towards her.
She was on the floor but I was too late, she was already dead.
I lost control and started to scream.
I was there alone for 30 minutes before anyone came. 
I only had God with me.
God saw everything that happened and all praises is to him. 
My daughter died in the airstrike and this is her daughter.
I look after her now. I can’t let her out of my sight.
She is always next to me. She does not remember that day, nor does she remember her parents. She was only 25 days old. 
Halla, who is your mother?
You are They can’t hear you sweetheart.
Who is your mother?
You are Who is your father?
He is (Point to uncle) What would I say to the pilot? 
I would tell him.
May God punish you with the most severe punishment.
May you drink the fires of hell and never quench your thirst.
You took everything that was important to me. 
What else can I say?
You took everything from me.
You took away my purpose in life. 
What did you leave for me?
You took my home and now we live in this condition.
What more can I say?
We are homeless.
We lost everything. 
God knows everyone’s situation.
God will never forget those responsible. 
I lie trying to convince myself, that I will see them again one day.
All I do is lie to myself.
The fire is my heart will never burn out.
It will burn forever.
It will burn until the day I see them again. 
Praise be to God for everything.
From him we come and to him we return.