Story of Mariam

Mariam lost her child and legs in the Syrian war

We met Mariam at her home yesterday after hearing about her condition. Inside their bare room was her husband and their three children, three cushions on the floor, a couple pillows, a small black & white TV set playing cartoons for their 4-year-old son and her wheelchair, parked in the corner of their room.

When we walked in, Mariam was on one of the cushions with her back rested against the wall and a blanket covering the lower part of her body, from the waist down. She almost had a blank, hopeless stare on her face. She turned to look at us, then gave us a faint smile and nod, to welcome us.

Mariam and her family are from ‎Idlib‬, ‪‎Syria. They were fleeing their home after fighting erupted in their city but tragedy touched them as they were leaving. The bus they were traveling in was attacked by regime warplanes as they were driving, killing the bus driver and Mariam’s 15 year old son. Mariam was thought to be dead. However the locals rushed her to the nearest hospital, doctor’s were able to revive her by the grace of Allah (swt). However her wounds have left her scarred forever.

Doctor’s were forced to amputate Mariam’s right leg and her left leg is severely damaged. She showed the sisters what remained of her leg and what damage the shrapnel caused to her stomach. It looked as if flesh was just ripped from her body. Seeing her injury was so disturbing that it brought us to tears. Nothing was said but I could only remember staring in awe over what remained of her body.

After speaking with her for some time, we identified a few ways Al Fatiha Global could assist Mariam and ease her hardship. Although, we can’t bring the use of her legs back, we’ll help alleviate her pain, Insha’Allah. And Alhamdu’lillah, it was after speaking with her that we saw a little hope return to her eyes.

Subhan’Allah, the power of “Hope” is such an inspiring and uplifting feeling.

Give the gift of Hope. This small act of kindness may be your keys to Jannah. Donate here and help those in need:text “AFG £10” to the number 70660 and donate now. “For those going through major trials, may you, even on the darkest night, hold on tight to HOPE. It’s the biggest test of your faith.” Mufti Ismail Menk