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UK Poverty

Help K pay her legal fees so she can raise her child

Al Fatiha Globals, UK Poverty Appeal has been created to enable supporters to create fundraising pages and help with individual cases of poverty we all come across.

Al Fatiha Global recognises that people in the UK need our help and often whilst we applaud the generosity of people in the UK in helping refugees and desperately poor people around the world, the needs of people on our doorstep are often unmet because they ‘slip through the safety net’ in these times of austerity.

The purpose of the UK Poverty Appeal is to enable anyone to create a fundraising page to help anyone living in the UK, who faces hardship owing to poverty.

Any donations received in excess of the funds required for a current appeal will be held back for other projects within the UK.  These funds will be utilised for other similar cases aimed at addressing poverty in the UK.

K has limited leave to remain under the 10-year route to settlement. She has been living in the UK for 17 years without any recourse to public funds. She needs to make a application to extend her leave before her visa expires.

She is unable to complete the application processes because the recent increase in fees, has meant that she can no longer afford to make the application.

If K is not able to pay the fees, she will be deported, and her British daughter is likely to end up in the care system, costing the UK tax-payer hundred of thousand pounds.

If you would like to help keep ensure this mother can raise her daughter, and prevent this massive burden on UK taxpayers, please make a donation towards K’s legal fees.