Worcester Muslim Cemetery

Worcestershire Muslim Cemetery

Raising Money to help those needing assistance to bury loved ones

Worcestershire Muslim Cemetery (Perdiswell)

Muslims are not allowed to cremate and many families are unable to afford the cost of burial for their loved one.

Worcestershire Muslim Cemetery on John Comyn Drive, Perdiswell, is seeking your help in reducing the cost of burial for those living in Worcestershire. 

In line with Local council, Police, NHS, Fire Department existing practices of providing emergency services to neighbouring counties. This cemetery in Worcester City also supports the neighbouring counties that do not have burial facilities for Muslims and is has representatives from local registered charities / mosques who assist with the burial arrangements of Muslims in Worcester.

Proposed Cemetery Layout

Proposed Worc Cemetery

The existing Worcester Muslim Cemetery (Green Area NE of the car park, adjacent to Peace Garden) is nearing capacity and will need funds to expand in the coming years.  By raising funds for the cemetery, we can keep the costs of burial down for families who struggle to cover the costs.